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Grip model = (ugly) surface.
Blade Pattern = Crosby P87A
Bought brand-new for $65.

Child outgrew his favorite stick to date. Has lots of objectives on it. He was never ever enabled to bang his stick down in aggravation or toss it. He kept excellent care of it.

Great for mite, squirt, and atom (if brief enough) gamers.

Measures 49.5" if shaft flat against a wall. Measure on your kid to see if 49.5" from the floor on bare feet falls around nose height then you are excellent. Mouth to eyeballs is ok. Greater is great too, shaft can be reduced.

Approx 35-39 flex.

Right-hand man = right-hand man is lower hand.

It's not that routine sticks are too heavy but one piece sticks let you feel the puck when stick handling SO MUCH much better. I make use of then now likewise.

Children require an appropriate flex. DO NOT have your children use a sliced down senior SR 85-110 flex, intermedidate INT 55-75 flex, or junior JR 40-55 flex stick. It does matter. For shooting, stick handling, passing, everything.
I have actually been playing for years.

Atom and mite level players utilize a lighter 4 oz. blue puck as opposed to a 6oz black puck. I have some blue pucks I can offer you inexpensive too to exercise by yourself.

Has regular wear, some cracking on heel and toe you can see in photos. After pics I put some epoxy on them. All excellent.
When you pick it up if you 'd such as, I can tape up for you.

I work in Exton so I can meet anywhere between Pottstown & Exton.

We likewise have youth shoulder pads and skates and some helmets and elbow pads. Let me know what you might need or search pottstown hockey


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