Meadow coming 7-12's story
For Adoption:
Meadow was born 5-19-2015 and is 3 years old. She weighs 44lbs, and is a beautiful, loving and friendly dog. She was purchased by her previous owners from a Silver Lab breeder in TN. Meadows owners took her to a shelter because they were moving. The shelter they took her to was closing down, so all the animal were going to be put down. Our rescue partners in TN saved Meadow. The shelter had her spayed and treated her for heartworm on 6/20 and 6/21. She will need to be kept from strenuous exercise for a few more weeks.  Our rescue partners in TN have her in a loving foster home where she is learning house manners. Her foster mom believes she has been an outside dog her whole life. She is working with her on manners, i.e. putting her paws on the kitchen counter when she is cooking, dining room table, Etc. Her dogs get along with her but they actually just avoid each other. She responds to No and stops doing whatever it was that I don't want her doing. She never barks but does howl occasionally in the morning in her crate because she is lonely and wants to get out. She gets really excited when she sees her foster mom.
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