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Juliet is a 60-70lbs hound mix, very sweet girl who is good with very young children. She would prefer not to live with an in your face dog, but she would be good with laid back dogs because shes very calm, shes not a very active dog whatsoever.

She would really do great with any family, young or old.

Needs to be with older dogs though for sure. Juliet once knew Romeo who came to PA and was immediately adopted. Together they had Hugs, the tan cutie born on 2/14. You

see mom had to stay behind to rear her pup. Not only that little Smoochy lost his momma and Juliet took him under her wing, feeding and teaching him. We believe he was also born on 2/14 and is a lab mix. The trio is headed to PA this week. The boys are normal active pups who love to swim which explains why they look wet in their pics. We expect they will be on the larger side as adults. You can apply for mom or pups at
4/23/18 10:50 AM

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